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Why Rental ?

Step1: Cut costs, give your company a cash injection and dispose of obsolete technology!
A Yogapriya Agencies solution is the cost effective way to acquire, retain and, dispose of technology. You can cut cost of managing everything from mainframes to PCs, printers, copiers, fax machines and even mobile devices by up to 30 percent. Yogapriya Agencies could even buy your old equipment for cash. No upfront cash layout means you can keep your cash for what you need it for most.

Step 2: Assess your unique environment
Together with you, a Yogapriya Agencies specialist will conduct an assessment to address all your technology challenges -like what to do with your existing or obsolete equipment; compatibility issues; new hardware and software benefits; inclusive value added services such as physical audits; support; end of term arrangements; buy backs and so on.

Step 3: Make your technology and brand choices
choose the brand of technology you want. At Yogapriya Agencies we work with all the major hardware vendors to find the most effective way to fund your technology needs. You can also select to utilize a variety of vendors’ products.

Step 4: Add value to your technology contract            
Select from a wide range of Yogapriya Agencies services available; monitor your schedules with OCM, arrange to trace individual equipment to a precise location or even sell equipment to us and rent it back.

Step 5: Approve your customized contract
There are a number of Yogapriya Agencies products to choose from. Once you have decided on the right mix for you, you’ll receive a customized proposal for your business. It contains a detailed quotation and an itemized needs analysis for your easy review and to facilitate a seamless approval process.

Step 6: Predict an entire contract’s payments 
Under a Yogapriya Agencies programmed, financing becomes a”service” and, customers are charged through a single bill at a fixed rate. This can be reflected off the balance sheet. You’ll also be saving substantially because you’re only paying for the technology services you use and retaining capital for core business use.

Step 7: Watch productivity soar 
you’re ahead of the technology curve, so you have more success with the latest equipment at your fingertips. Keeping up with the demands of business is easy!

“Gartner strongly recommends that enterprises ensure closer and better planning between IT and business managers”

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