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Why Choose Yogapriya Agencies

1. Technology:

The New and the Obsolete

Yogapriya Agencies provides the hedge you need against equipment obsolesce.Yogapriya Agencies, as owners of the technology, assume the financial liability and the worry and cost of obsolesce.        

The cost of ownership and disposal is avoided
You get the benefits of using your chosen technology without the inherent costs and risks associated with ownership or disposal.

Rent the equipment you need from your supplier of choice
Yogapriya Agencies is vendor independent and because we enjoy relationships with most reputable suppliers, we can help you seamlessly acquire the right equipment for your organisation.

What is obsolete to one user is not necessarily obsolete to another
Yogapriya Agencies has developed an extensive secondary market and, coupled with our technology knowledge; IT equipment becomes more valuable in our hands. That’s how we pass bigger savings on to you.

2. Cash Management:

There’s a better way to spend your cash
Purchasing equipment outright requires substantial cash outlay on assets that drop in value quickly, and require regular replacement. You may prefer investments in assets that appreciate, using your cash to reduce secured debt facilities, or even spending it on generating core business profits.

3. Financial Reporting:

No residual
Yogapriya Agencies invests its own equity as a residual component into equipment transactions upfront. That way we are able to offer lower rental rates than the standard cost of borrowing (for both new purchases and re-rentals).

Assets can be billed off balance sheet as an operating expense
Traditional finance lease and asset purchase facilities are recorded in the balance sheet as financial debt. Yogapriya Agencies rental payments, on the other hand, can be positioned as an operating expense, allowing you to minimise and predict cash outflow.

Preservation of other lines of credit
Off balance sheet contract means credit limits remain unaffected and security can be better utilised for other business purposes.

Fixed interest. Fixed payments. Regular payments
Your interest rate is fixed on inception of the contract so regular, fixed payments for all assets give you financial certainty to better manage your cash flow.

Technology management
Your contract details are available 24 hours a day via the Internet so you can track, trace and manage your assets wherever and whenever you choose. Cost centers can also be billed separately so you have greater control. Yogapriya Agencies also offer insurance.

4. Risk:

Your Use. Our Risk
As opposed to credit providers who are primarily concerned with the assessment and management of a customer’s credit risk, Yogapriya Agencies is a true rental provider with the core competency of managing technology based asset risk. You have the advantage of using it. Yogapriya Agencies also offers you the short term option of a reversible decision.

5. Flexibility and Convenience:

Flexibility remains throughout the entire length of your contract
You can choose to return your equipment early, keep your equipment for longer, change your equipment, add to your equipment, change your rental payment, or shorten or lengthen your rental term. Plus, at the end of your rental term you have the option to renew the contract, retaining the same IT, upgrading your technology or returning some or all of it without capital implications.

Choose from multiple payment plans
The Yogapriya Agencies Regular Rental Plan operates on even quarterly payments across the term but alternatives to this such as step up, step down and payment holidays, can be tailored to help plan replacement strategies within pre-determined operating cash flows.

No out-the-box-solutions
A Yogapriya Agencies specialist will work with you to help analyse your existing equipment value, assess your finance structure, and take into account existing business plans. That way, when you receive a Yogapriya Agencies proposal, it’s ideally tailored to suit your precise business needs. You’ll always find that flexibility and value are standard with every Yogapriya Agencies solution.

6. Economic:

The bigger, more cost-effective picture
At Yogapriya Agencies, on expiry of your contract term, the equipment can be handed back to Yogapriya Agencies with absolutely no obligation to continue leasing; without penalty and without any residual payment. We take care of the issue of disposal. At the same time various technology refresh options can ensure that the latest technology is available for use in the business without causing any interruptions to operations.

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