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New Equipment Rental
New Equipment Rental

Rental - The Smart Alternative

Using rental as the solution for equipment procurement stretches your budget a lot further, in fact on a 36 month contract you can stretch almost three times as far and with the current economic climate there has never been a better time to lock in your technology costs. Imagine interest rates in low single figures fixed for three years; attractive isn’t it?    

The choice is all yours

Yogapriya Agencies is vendor neutral and as such, you are free to negotiate the best price for your equipment from your chosen supplier, as well as to decide independent what period you want to rent the equipment for. Once these decisions are made Yogapriya Agencies will establish a rental structure that best suits your needs.

Opportunity Knocks...

We acknowledge that many people feel “cash is king”, but by choosing rental to procure your technology and other equipment you preserve your cash resources, which can then be put to work in the revenue generating areas of your business. Alternatively, spare cash can be used to reduce debt or can be invested in medium term vehicles, giving you time to determine the most effective areas for its use. Here’s a novel idea, if you feel you have exhausted all avenues for your excess cash give it back to your shareholders, nothing impresses them like an unexpected dividend, and just think how smart it will make you look.

There’s never been a better time

A Yogapriya Agencies solution will work for you because it is the smart way for your organization to procure the right equipment without the burden of outlaying a large sum of money up front. Unlike traditional rental finance or leasing arrangements, your Yogapriya Agencies solution enables you to continually update your equipment. This limits the risks linked to technology obsolescence and helps you avoid the cost and risks of ownership as well as of equipment disposal. In addition. Yogapriya Agencies rental payments can be positioned as an off balance sheet operating expense, enabling organizations to predict and manage their cash flow.

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